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Clarisa Saidon - Where Beauty and Functionality Come Together.

Elegant and Timeless

Integrated Architectural Planning
& Interior Design In Israel 

Combining architecture and interior design is the key to creating extraordinary spaces that convey luxury and timelessness.

With years of experience, I have developed expertise in architectural planning and design that, regardless of the period we are in, syncs itself with people and their families in all phases of life they may find themselves in, be it growth, birth, transitions, expansion of or downsizing their homes. 

Precision is the key word for every project, which begins with the meticulous collection of client needs, continues with the creation of a unique concept, and the construction of detailed plans including architectural supervision and execution until the last detail is implemented.

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When spaces are planned and designed correctly - it creates an experience, a unique atmosphere, and a place you enjoy being in.

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